With the Asset Management Addon your can manage your assets on Blender (2.78c installed and Zip versions)

With this Addon you can manage different types of assets.

Simple objects, multiples objects, rigged characters, render scenes, Normal scenes, Materials, HDRI’s etc.


It’s really simple to use and really powerfull !

The Asset Management allow you to save Assets, Scenes, Materials and Hdri’s



Update your library :

Since the addon allows us to add other types of assets, there is a new hierarchy.


To update to this 2.0 you can create an « assets » directory and move your library or create a new library from the addon and move your previous assets libraries and categories inside.



Asset_management_update_library_for_2_0Restart blender and you will have your libraries.

Assets :

– Replace Assets

With the Replace Asset, you can now replace Linked assets.


Select the object(s) you want to replace, click on replace, click on replace multi if you want to replace ceveral assets and choose the asset to replace it.

If you replace linked asset, you have to choose the group of your linked asset.


– Edit Assets, Scenes or Materials

You can now edit an Asset, a Scene or a Material directly from the addon.

You have to show the asset/scene/material you want to edit in the preview, press the settings button and clic on « Edit Asset displayed In The Preview« .


The addon will save your current Scene and you will open the asset scene to edit it.

Once the edition is Ok, click on save and you will comeback to your previous scene.


This is really usefull for Linked assets.

You can do the same for Scenes and Materials 😉


Scenes :


This part is really simple, if you work on a scene and you want to save it, you just have to click on the + button, give it a name and make a thumbnail in opengl or from an image.



Materials :


You can save your materials in the Asset Management addon.

To do this, create a material, Name it and click on the + button to add it to your library.


You can link a shader if you want by clicking on the link button.

You can also use your own render scene !

For that you have to create it, once it’s ok, remove the shader from the object who would receive the materials.

You need a camera in 256×256 correctly placed and you have to create your thumbnail on this one.

Keep this object selected and click on the + button on the material part.

You will have to click on Save as Material Scene, give it a name, choose the thumbnail extention, choose your thumbnail on disk or rendered (on this one, when you change the name that delete the render result, so be carrefull).




You can save your HDR maps on the Asset Management, this is really easy.

You just have to click on the + button, choose if you want to use previous thumbnails or create them and choose the extention.

Once that ok, you just have to select the maps you want, the addon will use your thumbnails (the name must be the same as the HDR maps) or create new thumbnails directly.


Like that you will have your HDR maps in your libraries and categories and you will be abble to choose the map you want as fast as possible !


You will have some usefull setting to manage your HDRI !


You will be abble to change the rotation of the map, to blur it, to hide it from the camera, to activate the transparent (in film options frome the render settings of the scene.

You can also change the Gamma, the power of the map, saturation in diffuse and Glossy, the Hue etc.

1.Download the Addon in .Zip from Gumroad (don’t unzip it)

2. Open the preferences and go to the Add-ons Tab.

3. Click on Install From File and select you .zip




4. Activate the Addon.




5. Under Your Library Path, select an Empty directory on your computer.




6. Click on Save User Settings and close the Window.



Asset Manager Addon supports multiple Libraries and Categories.

Click on Add Library and name your Librarie

« For Libraries, Categories and your Assets, don’t use special characters ( %ù^$é »‘(èà ) »




Click on Add Category and name your Category.




You can Add other Libraries and Categories, remove them and Rename them.




You can as many Libraries and Categories you want, but you cannot add a Category in a Category.

On the right you have some icons.

With the + icon you can add an Asset to your Library.




With the icon you can remove an Asset grom your Library.




The Favoris icon is to make a selection of favorites.




The three next icons are :

Name : to see the name of your Asset.

Rename : To rename your Asset

Lock : To lock the preview.




Next we have some usefull tools.




Debug Tools :

Debug : Use it when your render is not working.

That will stop the process and add an error image to your Asset.

You can delete this Asset and importe it with the OpenGL render or Custom thumbnail.


Show/Hide Console : if to sho the console and see if the render is running.

!!Never clic on the X of this window, that will close Blender!!


Asset To Selection :

See the Asset To Selection part in the documentation.


Setup Asset :

This part will allow you to add a cube parent to your Asset.

Try to always add a parent to your Assets, it’s better for you and for your teammates.


Setup OpenGL Render :

See the OpenGL Render part of the documentation.

With the Asset Management you can create automatic Thumbnails. You have 3 choices, Render, OpenGL Render and Custom Thumbnails.


This Render part is for littles Assets like Inserts, littles objects etc.

For characters, environements, you should use the Custom thumbnails or the OpenGL Render.


With the Render part you have this result.



When you add an Asset to the library, you have this Popup with the choice of Addon Material.




With this Addon Material you have the result you saw previously.

You can change the render and shaders in the preferences of the Addon.




You can change the shader of the object, the ground, the light and adjust the compositing.

You can add a contour, make an Ambient Occlusion Render and hide the ground.


There is an example of possibilities.




If you d’ont use the Addon Material, the render will use the shaders of the object.

For a render like this.




As you can see, you have a lot of possibilities for this Render part.

Use it for little Assets, the result is better than for big Assets.

The OpenGL render is a quick and fun way to make thumbnails !


You can use Matcaps, viewport shaders etc. The Addon allows you to create a Camera and place your asset in differents positions.


You can use Ambient Occlusion, DOF


The Process is really fast and Simple, add the options you want and clic Ok !


When you choose Image for your thumbnails, you have the possibility to use an image from your Drive or to use the Render Result.




When you choose On Disk your can use pictures you mage before or picture you have with a library you downloaded on the net.

The Result can be like this.



When you choose Rendered, you use the render you made directly in the Scene.

Look at this video for an example.

When you create your library it is really important to do it correctly ! You have to finish your asset, apply the modifier, name your objects etc.

This is why we added two tools for that in the Setup Asset !


You have :

Add Cube Parent : To add an invisible Cube surronding your asset.

This Cube will be the parent of your Asset, you can edit it and place the pivot to his bottom face.

This cube will not be visible, he will only be a parent like if you used an Empty and it’s a mesh, so you can place the pivot where you want.




In this animation, I take my Asset, I add a cube, I modify this cube and I place his pivot to the bottom.

After, I place the Cube to the Center of the Scene.


This is really important because, when you will add your Assets, the addon will place them on a selection, a face or to the center of the Scene.

Also if you place correctly the pivot, you can place dirrectly your asset in a second.

Check the next part, Asset To Selection for more informations.


The second Button is :

Setup HardOps Asset : this one will take the last object selected and use it as Parent.

This object must be the Boolean object and he will be in wire mode by the Add and will have a BB_ prefix for the HardOps Merge soft button.



When you add an Asset to your scene, this Asset will be placed according to the selection.


Nothing Selected : The Asset will be placed at the center of the Scene.


Object(s) selected : The Asset will be placed at the origin of the selectd object(s).


Face(s) selected : The Asset will be placed on the faces and will use the normal orientations of those faces.




In the tools you have a panel Asset To Selection. this Panel allow you to Link the inserted Assets.



You can also Unlink them.




And with the last button you can Place a selection to the selected faces.



With the Asset Management it’s easy to share your Library or import a Library made by your friend or buy on the internet.


This library must be made by this Addon, you cannot add a bunch of scene to your library.


To work the Addon create a parent Library and inside this Library some Categories.

In the Category you have 3 directories :


Blends : For the Assets, one .blend by Asset.

Favorites : To place the thumbnails of your favorites Assets.

Icons : For the thumbnails of your Assets.




To share your library, you just have to zip it and send it to your friends ^^


To import a library made with the Asset Management, you just have to unzip the file in your Library !


Simple !

The Addon Doesn’t work with the 2.77 (2.76.9 dailybuilds)

The AM works for now with the official 2.76b in installed and zip versions.


Can I import A complete Scene In the AM ?

No, for now, the Asset Manager is only for Assets.


Can I add a whole group of objects at one time in the AM ?

No, you cannot for this version, but this option will comeback with the next.


Is the AM keeps the shaders and textures ?

Yes, when importing your Asset to the AM, your shaders are imported as well and your textures are packed with the scene.

So, you can share your asset or library with yours friends.


The import does not work, blender is freezed

The AM car import a lot of different types of Assets, but sometimes with specific types of object, the render doesn’t work, so you can use the OpenGL Render and the Custom thumbnail instead.


Can I use the AM with HardOps ?

Yes, you can !

Hardops has a button in the preferences to show the Asset Management directly in the Menu of the Addon.


Can I link Assets to the scene ?

No, right you it’s just an Append, the link possibilities will come with the next version


Can I import Light Setup ?

Yes, you have to import a floor with the lights or Add a Parent in the Popup.

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